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Lease Takeover for 2019 Honda Civic

Vehicle: 2019 Honda Civic
Months left: 9 Months
Current payments: $496.00 (Tx included)
Payments w/o tax $439.42
Your payments How this new payment is calculated :
$439.42 /Month + Tx
Available km: 4,778 Km/Month
Current km: 17,000 Km
Km allowance: 20,000 Km/Year
Location: Montreal,Quebec   [2,103 km]

Take back this lease for 9 months for only 439.42$/Month
You can drive around 4,778 Km per month.

439 $

Months left: 9 Month
Original lease term: 36 Months
Lease end date: February 2022
Excess Km Charge: 12 cents / Km
Lease end buyout: $12,477
Your total savings are composed of:
Down payment: $0
Cash incentive What is the cash incentive :
Total savings: $0

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Looking for somebody willing to take over a lease of a beautiful red 2019 Civic Coupe LX. The car is in great shape, with low mileage and super fun to drive. - 2019 Civic Coupe LX, red - currently, approx. 17,000 km driven (the lease includes up to 60,000) - engine: 2.0-L four-cylinder - power: 158 hp @ 6,500 rpm, 138 lb-ft of torque @ 4,200 rpm - transmission: automatic, continuously variable It is an excellent vehicle to drive around the city and take a more extended trip from time to time. The car is the second vehicle in my household. The primary purpose of having it was to have a daily commuter for myself (as my spouse heavily utilizes the second vehicle we have). Currently, when I work mostly from home, the car usually is just sitting on a driveway. As much as I love this Honda, keeping it is not practical from an economic perspective. This is the only reason why I am looking to let it go. Add-on features: - AutoMate two-way remote car starter (so you get feedback if the engine started or not) - engine block heater AND car battery charger/maintainer (so it has two plugs; during the winter, you can keep the engine warm and maintain car battery charge on the right level) Other features: - capless fuel filling - automatic headlights (including automatic low/high-beam switching) - emergency front braking - lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control (works really well; highway driving with all that turned on is a - really smooth experience) - heated mirrors - heated front seats - air conditioning - LED taillights - Bluetooth - Apple CarPlay (Siri compatibility ) and Android Auto - a multi-angle rearview camera - configurable storage console - auto up/down windows - 60/40 split-folding rear seat - all-season tires - alloy wheels Lease details: - bi-weekly payment of $248.63 (34 payments left) - lease ends on Feb. 4, 2022 - the car value at the end of the lease: $12,477.30 Additionally, the vehicle is protected with PLATINIUM Autoplus service. This plan covers exterior dents, dings and scratches, interior cuts, tears and burns, tires and rim damage (36-month coverage). The plan includes protections of primary paint, rust inhibitor spray and sound shield undercoat (lifetime protection). Terms & conditions apply. The original vehicle price tag was $31,724.00. If you need a car just for a certain time, you can keep paying the lease payment until the end of the lease and then return the vehicle to the dealership. That will cost you a total of 34 x $248.63 - remaining lease payments ------------ = $8,453.42 If you need a car permanently, you can keep paying the lease payment until the end of the lease and then buy the car out. That will cost you a total of: 34 x $248.63 - remaining lease payments ------------ = $8,453.42 + $12,477.30 - car value at the end of the lease ------------ = $20,930.72 If you need a car permanently and don\'t want to wait until the end of the lease, you also can buy it out at any moment. That will cost you a total of remaining lease payments plus the car value at the end of the lease (as of today, it is $20,930.72).

ABS A/C Bluetooth/Cell
Interior leather Rear A/C Keyless entry
GPS CD Player Interior wood kit
Sport kit CD Changer DVD Player
Xenon lights Heated mirrors Electric mirrors
OnStar Power lock Satellite radio
Cruise Control Alloy wheels Memory seats
Heated seats Electric seats Moon roof
Power windows Alarm system Tiptronic

Name: Bart Day phone: (403) 561-6215
Email: Night phone: (403) 561-6215
Province: Quebec City: Montreal

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Transmission: Automatic
Nb. Gears: 4 speed
Cylinders: 4 cylinders
Engine: Gasoline
Drivetrain: Front
Warranty: 60,000 Km or 3 years
Exterior: Red
Interior: Black

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