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Lease Takeover for 2017 Nissan Rogue

Vehicle: 2017 Nissan Rogue
Months left: 29 Months
Current payments: $446.81 (Tx included)
Payments w/o tax $395.41
Your payments How this new payment is calculated :
$395.41 /Month + Tx
Available km: 2,983 Km/Month
Current km: 33,500 Km
Km allowance: 24,000 Km/Year
Location: Ancaster,Ontario   [1,551 km]

Take back this lease for 29 months for only 395.41$/Month
You can drive around 2,983 Km per month.

395 $

Months left: 29 Month
Original lease term: 60 Months
Lease end date: May 2022
Excess Km Charge: 10 cents / Km
Lease end buyout: $13,667
Your total savings are composed of:
Down payment: $2,367
Wants: $1,000 back from this down payment
Cash incentive What is the cash incentive :
Total savings: $1,367

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Ex: A1 condition, non-smoking, winter tires and original Nissan rims available for additional cost. Nissan lease end protection plan includes! Moonroof technology package includes Sv AWD .

ABS A/C Bluetooth/Cell
Interior leather Rear A/C Keyless entry
GPS CD Player Interior wood kit
Sport kit CD Changer DVD Player
Xenon lights Heated mirrors Electric mirrors
OnStar Power lock Satellite radio
Cruise Control Alloy wheels Memory seats
Heated seats Electric seats Moon roof
Power windows Alarm system Tiptronic

Name: Maxim Day phone: (204) 869-8665
Email: Night phone:
Province: Ontario City: Ancaster

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Transmission: Automatic
Nb. Gears: 7 speed
Cylinders: 4 cylinders
Engine: Gasoline
Drivetrain: 4x4
Warranty: 60,000 Km or 3 years
Exterior: Black
Interior: Black

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